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Wishing Tree

Back in Nanjing

A two-day conference in Nanjing has me back in town, along with a colleague who is originally from the area.

Only this time I came in with a full day to spare (Sunday, but I’ll take it). That gave us the opportunity to check out Confucius Temple and area, i.e. the Wishing Tree. Apparently you make a wish, write it down on a strip of red paper(ish) and throw it into the tree. The higher you position it, the better, so to weigh it down (and I guess ‘pay’ for the wish), you tie a coin to the strip.

We also found a local restaurant in the area and had some good hot pot, which included a number of ingredients that I didn’t really recognize (but were good). As usual, English didn’t get me very far, so my colleague got to choose.


IMG00479-20120307-1507 IMG00475-20120307-1501 IMG00491-20120307-1651 IMG00469-20120307-1316 Nanjing

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