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Santa’s Flight

Christmas time throughout much of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden usually means Christmas markets – the Weihnachtsmaerkte or Christkindlmarkt that is already starting up over here as well.

If given the chance, I’ll admit to enjoying a stroll (bummel – hence the Weltenbummler…) across a Weihnachstmarkt. Last year I actually managed to cover Zurich, Vienna, Munich, Nuernberg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stockholm and Freiburg all in one week.

Hamburg’s Rathausmarkt (City Hall Square) hosts a very full and well attended Christmas Market. Aside from the usual Gluehwein, other warm alcoholic beverages and foods, the market also has a toy train set puttering around overhead above the toy section. And at regular intervals, Santa’s sleigh flys over the entire market with a load of toys and a lot of ho’ho’ho’s.







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