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Arctic Circle – Sverige

Had to go visit a mine near Kiruna in Northern Sweden.

Nice trip though. I started by ‘picking up’ the distributor in Copenhagen, flying through Stockholm to Lulea, then driving through some beautiful countryside. The chosen route led through Jokkmokk, where you can grab a very nice cup of coffee in the town cafe – the City Konditoriet. It’s hard to miss on Storgatan, being the main drive through town.

Next stop was Gaellivare, which apparently has the area’s best Swedish hot dogs, conveniently located in the local grocery store.

One meeting, one drive back the same way we came, plus a detour (to Finland, just to say we were in Finland) and we were back on a flight to Stockholm. Along with the Lulea Men’s Basketball team. After a game and without the time to shower. On a small aircraft. At least they had won their game…


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IMG00252-20110929-1108 IMG00255-20110929-1113 IMG00256-20110929-1113

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