Travel Funnies

As travel goes, I come across a number of situations, signage, translations, etc. that are just plain funny (to me).

Years ago, I was in Guangzhou and very much wish I had taken a picture of the sign in the bathroom of my hotel room. I was staying for a few days in the Holiday Inn Shifu Guangzhou and was in the area for a conference on environmental issues related to air quality.

In any case, the sign read “Water not potable. May contain fecal matter”.

Now try brushing your teeth without grimacing. Or taking a shower. I was on bottled water for the next few days for just about everything, and could only hope that the sealed bottles I was buying were actually sealed. Getting back to Hong Kong was a great relief…

Since then, if I come across something I deem funny, I’ll take a picture and file it – you never know when you need to whip out that picture of fecal-mattered water…


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