Bunker Spelunking in IJmuiden, Holland

My meetings this morning involved a number of engine tests – our technicians would have to set up the test, then run an industrial engine for several hours, then take measurements. Then repeat.

In between playing gopher and figuring out where to get hardware and spare parts, I also had about three hours to spare. The hotel I had stayed in was right next to a series of bunker ruins along the beach – part of the old Atlantik Wall, a defensive series of bunkers the Germans had installed in WWII.

Being the curious type, I drove back to the beach and started exploring. To my surprise, the bunkers weren’t closed off, and those that had been cemented shut, had long since been cracked back open. With the sand blowing and depositing, it was easy to climb up, over, around and down into the bunkers. A lot of them are mis-used as toilets, so beware.

There is a bunker museum close by, but they weren’t open. There are spots you have to be careful – at least one of the bunkers has a lower level you can drop down into, but would need some kind of boost to get back out.

I could have spent more than just two hours bunker spelunking, but as my trips go, the shorter, the better…


IMG00449-20120222-1310 IMG00446-20120222-1300 IMG00445-20120222-1252 IMG00440-20120222-1242 IMG00439-20120222-1241 Atlantik Wall bunker system

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