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Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Newark, DE

quick business trip to Newark, NJ and a drive to Newark, DE.

This Holiday Inn gets a positive review on tripadvisor.com from me:


“Very nice hotel”
4 of 5 stars

Stayed here on business in February and, if in the area, would stay again.

Nice hotel, adequate location (close to, although not walking distance) to a fair choice of restaurants and stores). Enough parking without having to walk miles. My only gripe would be room rate to type of hotel/room, but ultimately the location was more important.

The room I was in was clean, the beds were comfortable, the bathroom also very clean. Sheets, towels, pillow selection, mini-fridge, microwave – everything clean and ready for use. Fast internet connection, too.

The room itself was well sized and quiet. The bathroom big, the shower/bath as well.

Staff was very friendly; helped with finding a local restaurant and even had options for discounts/free appetizers at various local places.

Improvement suggestion: better black-out curtains. The existing ones aren’t bad, but with all the lights on all night outside, slightly longer curtains along with ones attached to the wall might be better.


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Holiday Inn Express San Jose, CA Airport

I started using tripadvisor.com and doing hotel reviews because of this hotel. I’ll typically have around 150 hotel stays per year, and the vast majority are fine, good or even great. Very rarely, however, I’ll run into a less-than-perfect experience.

This is my review on tripadvisor:

“Anything but sanitary…”
1 of 5 stars Reviewed 16 February 2013

I stayed here at the end of January 2013 on a business trip, arriving rather late. I am used to quite a bit when it comes to rooms (travel well over 150 nights per year, around the world), but this room/night has actually prompted my first review and complaint.

Thanks to my status, I was cheerfully given an upgrade to a “suite” on the third floor (323 I believe) – nice sized bed, little kitchenette sitting area with fridge, microwave, etc. Decent sized bathroom. First thing noticeable was the smell. I’m thinking staff hadn’t opened a window or aired the room in a few weeks. Given the amount of dust I stirred up entering, this is probably an accurate assumption.

The carpet was clearly old – stained in many spots and worn down to the fibres (and enough holes). The inside of the fridge was yellowing, the glasses in the cupboard (wait for it) weren’t properly rinsed. I would put the age of everything in there at having started its life in the 80s if I’m being generous.

The cupboard doors themselves were broken, half of them were missing the bottom hinges, so they just sagged down. It gets better, though – inside the cupboards on the top shelves was a little surprise – they were full of mouse feces; little pellets everywhere. Another reason to make a wide berth around any dishes and cups in there. Thankfully there were paper cups in plastic wrapping.

The bed was nice and big, but the bedsheets had several tears in them. The bed looked clean, but given the rest of the room, I didn’t exactly trust it.

Further difficulties: the phone wasn’t functional, the curtain (light blocking one) had holes/tears in it and the couch was stained and very dusty.

The experience was one of a handful of hotel rooms I’ve been in, where I wouldn’t take off my shoes, and slept on the bed fully clothed.

I didn’t ask for another room, mainly because it was already extremely late (actually early) and I only had 4 1/2 hours to sleep anyway. That and I didn’t believe they would have a much better room within a decent amount of time anyway.

As far as location goes; it’s not the best, there isn’t too much around other than a bar attached to another hotel across the street. But it’s close to the airport and has a shuttle service, and the room rates were decent around $100.

On the positive side, the bathroom wasn’t too bad compared to the rest of the room, very minor issues with mold (but that happens in most hotels), the towels were clean; soaps and shampoo, etc nicely packaged. Staff was quite friendly at check-in and check-out; the shuttle driver was very nice.

However, I clearly would NOT recommend this hotel until some serious renovations are done. At least to the “suite” I was in…


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